Continuum Shaderpack v.1.1.5 [1.7.10]

Continuum Shaderpack - Shader Packs

This sadirac it is recommended to put on powerful computers, especially the Ultra version. This sadirac very demanding on the GPU. The 980-x graphics cards you will get 30-40 FPS on Ultra at 1080p, the 560Ti and will give no more than 30-40 in the light version. This sadirac not working with INTEL HD GRAPHICS

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OptiFine HD [1.8]

OptiFine HD - Mods

OptiFine HD is a mod that allows you to adjust Minecraft effectively. This mod adds smoothness and noticeably reduces the use of system resources. In addition, it allows you to put resource (texture) packs in HD without installing other mods.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.8  
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Как установить шейдеры на Minecraft?

Как установить шейдеры на Minecraft? - FAQ

This manual will help you install shaders in Minecraft and improve the game world by adding dynamic shadows, wind and the noise of the grass, realistic water, and much more. Just worth noting that the Shader is quite taxing the system and if you have a weak graphics card is not integrated, we recommend to refrain from installing this mod

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