Clay Soldiers v.2.0.0 [1.7.10]

Clay Soldiers - Mods

Admit it, have you ever wanted an army? Now you have the opportunity. With this mod you will have an army of little soldiers. You can arrange them the real fighting, giving them weapons and armor.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.7.10  
0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 24)

Nature Reborn v.0.0.4 [1.6.4]

Nature Reborn - Mods

Standard Minecraft seems too static? Install this mod and you will know that there is something worse than a plague of zombies. Who do not know what is this mod, we present to you the mod Nature Reborn on natural disasters in Minecraft.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.6.4  
0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 27)
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