JoliCraft [16x16] [1.8]

JoliCraft - Resource Packs

According to the developer resurspaka "Minecraft without Colecraft it's like pizza without cheese" and it is possible to completely agree, it is enough to play with these textures. The author believes that the resolution 16x16 is perfect for vanilla Minecraft. Unfortunately after trying this once, you will not be able to refuse him then, believe me

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.8   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 2,9/5 (votes: 14)

The Tourist v.1.2 [1.5.2]

The Tourist - Maps

Want to make an unforgettable trip to Paris? More than 4 hours of game time on completing the map, interesting scenario, beautiful epic buildings, 5 Redstone mini games, original soundtrack, parkour, sprint, and more!

Category: Maps   MC Version: 1.5.2  
0 Rating: 4/5 (votes: 45)
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