New Default+ v.1.72 [16x16] [1.20.4]

New Default+ - Resource Packs

New Default+ is a standard resource pack in the spirit of "vanilla" Minecraft, but with more detailed textures, high contrast and bright colors. According to the author, more than 1000+ default textures have been modified and updates continue to be released to this day at the end of each month. Particular attention should be paid to 3D attached…

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.20.4   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 3/5 (votes: 35)

Aquaculture 2 v.2.5.1 [1.20.1]

Aquaculture 2 - Mods

Aquaculture is an extension of Minecraft's basic fishing system. The fishing mod allows you to catch over 30 new fish using a completely new series of rods and tools. Each biome contains new fish species with random weights that can be crafted into fish fillets and food, as well as new shiny loot that can be caught while fishing! (Including…

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.20.1  
0 Rating: 2,7/5 (votes: 40)

MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders v.8.9 [1.20.2]

MakeUp - Ultra Fast Shaders - Shader Packs

MakeUp - the best shaders in terms of quality to performance ratio. Thanks to the flexible system for setting up configuration files, you can focus only on those parameters that will least load your already weak video card!, and you will consume only those resources that you want. For example, shadows and depth of field are resource-intensive…

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.20.2  
0 Rating: 3/5 (votes: 38)
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