Maps for Minecraft 1.10

Mizzle III [1.10.2]

Mizzle III - Maps

Mizzle III - adventure style map Puzzle for Minecraft version 1.10.2, which is a logical continuation of Mizzle Mizzle I and II. The card is slightly shorter than the second version and consists of three chapters, each of which takes 15-30min. In each Chapter you'll find additional mini-games

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Project Zearth v.13.1 [1.10.2]

Project Zearth - Maps

Project Zearth is a huge metropolis which is almost everything for a full life. Project Zearth modified on 99.9%, but still far from complete. There are several ways to explore the countryside. You can go by boat to swim the river, or to go by rail or on foot. Along the way you'll find signs that will guide you. This city is filled with the work…

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City of Waterton v.0.1.6 [1.10.2]

City of Waterton - Maps

City of Waterton - map with an extremely large city. There is absolutely everything that is typical of a modern major metropolis. A variety of interesting buildings, skyscrapers and homes, bridges, roads, railway, airport, gardens and lot many other things.

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Top 10 Minecraft Traps [1.10.2]

Top 10 Minecraft Traps - Maps

This list contains 10 unusual traps on the Redstone. Explore each location and check if you can outsmart the traps and get out alive. This card is perfect for passing a joint with friends and trolling. Good luck!

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Starter world [1.10.2]

Starter world - Maps

Card "Starter world"this is survival in a world skyblock,and a large skyblock.The Islands are quite large,they can be not frail to settle in.Each island is a separate biome,starting from forests and ending the island region.

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SKY PVP ARENA X v.1.1 [1.10.2]


Unfortunately the video have not done,but will be soon.And so about the map,this new map version "Heavenly arena".In fact, nothing has changed except for the arena,now it has somewhere to fall,shelters are worse,which then makes the battle more difficult,the center of the arena where there was a lighthouse,now filled with lava.

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SKY PVP Arena v.1.0 [1.10.2]

SKY PVP Arena - Maps

Hi all,I present to your attention a map for pvp with friends "sky arena" Map is designed for PVP fights between friends.It has all the resources for warfare,you have enough. On the map you can fight teams,to survive alone, to do tactical battles, or skirmishes. Soon the card will be 2 versions, but I will not do spoilers so will not be…

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Triangular Ascension v.2.0 [1.10]

Triangular Ascension - Maps

The second part of the Triangular Ascenssion is a replica of the SciFi building in scale with the interior is reminiscent of the design of the hangar of a spaceship or high-tech laboratory. In the map used glass and lighting effects to simulate sunlight and other light particles.

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Koris - An Underwater Utopia [1.10]

Koris - An Underwater Utopia - Maps

Card Creator, inspired by the fictional underwater city from the game Bioshok (Rapture) decided to recreate that world in Minecraft. Rapture is a lost city located deep beneath the Atlantic ocean, shimmering under the water column with thousands of lights, a large building in the style of art Deco interconnected by glass walkways, transport system…

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Atari 2600 Emulator [1.10.2]

Atari 2600 Emulator - Maps

Already for anybody not a secret that the system command blocks in Minecraft allows you to create basic emulators. Recently SethBling his video proved that on the base of Minecraft, you can create a complete emulation of consoles the Atari 2600. The author took over 2000 command blocks to recreate the game Donkey Kong. Download the map and watch…

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QMAGNET's Test Map [1.10.2]

QMAGNET's Test Map - Maps

QMAGNET's Test Map for Resource Packs and Map Makers - test card in which are compactly arranged all the blocks and items of the game. This card is perfect for related textures giving a complete view of a particular unfortunately. Now you don't need hours to be creative, to build a test site to review the textures, this map has it all

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A Giant Quest v.1.1 [1.10.2]

A Giant Quest - Maps

Your village is in danger. A giant dragon threatens to destroy her! Find an alchemist who will help you to become a giant to fight the dragon. You send in search of the key elements that need to kill the dragon.

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The Forgotten Book v.1.0.5 [1.10.2]

The Forgotten Book - Maps

The Forgotten Book (Forgotten books) - this adventure map will send you straight to the Amazon jungle to find the mysterious treasures and artifacts. Along the way you will meet the ruins of ancient civilizations, abandoned villages and churches. All who went on a treasure hunt in the sacred temple, not back. Test fate and challenge the death

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2D Parkour [1.10.2]

2D Parkour - Maps

2D Parkour - fancy parkour map where you have to go from third person side view. In passing it seems like you pass a 2D runner. At first, you keep watch to experience difficulty running and jumping, but after 2-3 levels, all will go much faster

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The Complete ChunkWorld [1.10.2]

The Complete ChunkWorld - Maps

The Complete ChunkWorld is part of the world with marked areas of 16x16 chunks. In each area one building (one chunk is 16x16x256 blocks). In total, 64 structures of various sizes and styles. This card can be used for absolutely any purpose, for example to create the city and divided the inhabitants into factions.

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