Maps for Minecraft 1.10.2

Escape The Island [1.10.2]

Escape The Island - Maps

You are imprisoned on the island by the forces of darkness. You have to fight mobs, overcome obstacles and find a way off the island! On the map you can not break blocks and use cheats. Search for hidden treasure chests, collect diamonds and extra gear to survive

Category: Maps   MC Version: 1.10.2  
0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 18)

SkyGrid [1.10.2]

SkyGrid - Maps

SkyGrid is another survival map for Minecraft in the style of SkyBlock. It is formed from a grid of randomly generated blocks which are separated from each other by 4 meters. On this map there are no rules, the main objective is to survive at any cost, mining resources and Luca chests

Category: Maps   MC Version: 1.10.2  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 46)

Biome Box v.3.0.0 [1.10.2]

Biome Box - Maps

For many players the main problem of the game Minecraft is a big world, it is so huge that it is impossible all to learn, even after many months of play. The developer of this map made it easier your task and created a card that is enclosed in a box made of bedrock. This card is very easy to play, you have everything you need to stay and can not…

Category: Maps   MC Version: 1.10.2  
0 Rating: 4,2/5 (votes: 457)
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