Maps for Minecraft 1.9

EXODUS I v.1.7.2 [1.9]


From around the world were selected a few players to play in a special TV show in which they will work together to survive the zombie Apocalypse. This is the first season that includes 4 episodes. Each episode is harder than the previous. During your survival you have to be active to calm the audience, because each player will be given rewards or…

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Infinity Dungeon [1.9.2]

Infinity Dungeon - Maps

Infinity Dungeon - map with a variety of gangemi in which you will be able to find lots of treasure and loot. The main purpose of the map is the search for crystals in order to complete a generator of the infinite. Map built at the command blocks and its distinctive feature is that it is randomly generated, i.e. at each activation Ganja you will…

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Pixel Drop v.3.0 [1.9.2]

Pixel Drop - Maps

Pixel Drop is a fun mini-game for one or more players in which you get into the arena and watch as you fall from the sky blocks that make up the picture. Before the picture is fully built you will have to guess the name of the object to fit it on a leaf and put it in the chest. The faster you guess the more points you get.

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Eronev Mansion Adventure [1.9.2]

Eronev Mansion Adventure - Maps

After long wanderings through the forest you find yourself in your hometown of Eronev. You will learn that the city was cursed and more local residents began to disappear without a trace. If I can learn all the secrets of the town and help the residents in the fight against evil? Follow the instructions, don't break blocks and don't forget to look…

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Kingdom Of Galekin v.1.3 [1.9]

Kingdom Of Galekin - Maps

Kingdom Of Galekin is not just a map, this is the real island Kingdom. Majestic castles, settlements and villages, roads of stone, perennial trees, port and fleet, farm and field is only a small part of what is on this map. The map is made in a medieval style, according to the author, for its creation, he spent almost 5 years. Recommended by the…

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The Temple of Notch v.1.4.6 [1.9.2]

The Temple of Notch - Maps

The Temple of Notch - map Author so inspired by Minecraft, decided to build a temple for the Notch and there is nothing unusual because it is to him we owe the appearance of the game. In order to open the gate to the temple, you must throw the gold into the well and your fate in the hands of a great Nocta. Who knows, he will shower you with…

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Airships Battle v.1.33 [1.9.4]

Airships Battle - Maps

Card from well-known utuber Tomb of RA. According to the author to develop this map, he spent more than a year. Much was improved and changed and now you can see it in the form it is. This map is for Minecraft version 1.9.4

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Elytra Fall [1.9]

Elytra Fall - Maps

Elytra Fall is a map that challenges your flight skills. The card gameplay combines flight and CTM. It is suitable for both single player and a multiplayer game with friends. The map consists of a Central hub (arena) and 16 tunnels.

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The Unseen Forces v.0.1.18 [1.9]

The Unseen Forces - Maps

The Unseen Forces card for the version of Minecraft 1.9. The game resembles a map from Hypixel Wave Heroes. You have to survive 15 waves of zombies to defend the monument and not to die himself. With each wave, the difficulty increases. In addition to the regular zombies will meet zombie-mutants are harder to kill. In the last wave you have to…

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Terra Swoop Force v.1.3 [1.9.4]

Terra Swoop Force - Maps

More recently, the NOXCREW team pleased us with an awesome map called "Journey to the center of the earth", which has already received high marks from most youtubers. the Developers have tried to glory. Need more hours of game time to traverse the entire map. In addition to detailed levels Noxcrew complements the gameplay of the original plot and…

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SkyBlock v.2.1 [1.9]

SkyBlock - Maps

SkyBlock is one of the most popular maps ever created for Minecraft. The concept of the game the map is very simple: You start on a floating island and must survive at any cost with the resources available to you.

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SkyBlock v.1.1 [1.9]

SkyBlock - Maps

SkyBlock – You start the game on the island of 2×2×3 cube where a tree and a chest in which lies the following things: 12 strands, 2 the ice cube, Red and brown mushrooms, Slice of watermelon, pumpkin Seeds, Bone, Sugar cane, Cactus. Your task is to perform all tasks with limited resources and not die.

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Waka Islands 2 v.0.3 [1.9]

Waka Islands 2 - Maps

Waka Islands 2 is the sequel to the popular maps Waka Islands 1.1, which had already downloaded more than 500,000 times. In the second part, added a new 12 Islands and returned to the main Isle from the first part. Each island has its own quest, which you need to complete before moving to the new island

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Call Of Minecraft: One mans army v.5.0 [1.9.2]

Call Of Minecraft: One mans army - Maps

How it all began: After a long boat ride you return home tired and notice that everything destroyed and zombies roam everywhere. You collect all the stuff and head into town to search for survivors. Can you survive the waves of zombies and beat them all and live to wave 26?

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