Mods for Minecraft 1.11

Reap v.1.4 [1.11]

Reap - Mods

Reap is an analogue fashion TreeCapipator, which allows to cut down whole tree with one blow. In addition, fashion there are functions of automatic collection and sowing of the crop. Reap is compatible with most mods that add their own types of trees

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BuildCraft v.7.99 [1.11.2]

BuildCraft - Mods

Probably many of you have lost hope to see the updated BuildCraft, but it's still done. A new version of the mod is still in alpha and unfortunately only available for the version of Minecraft 1.11.2. Recall that BuildCraft is a mod that adds automated mining (quarry) and transportirovki and processing resources

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Lucky Block Mod v.7.4.0 [1.11.2]

Lucky Block Mod - Mods

Lucky Block Mod - mod on lucky blocks. One of the most popular mods among the players. In this fashion, came a lot of Addons, which are also posted on our website, but unfortunately most of them are to version Minecraft 1.8.9. Recall that mod on lucky blocks adds just one block in the world, from which drops a random drop. The main parameter of…

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WorldEdit v.6.1.6 [1.11.2]

WorldEdit - Mods

WorldEdit - the real editor of the world, which can be run directly in the game. The mod can be used both in single player and on servers. WorldEdit has more than 100 teams, which will substantially increase your creative skill in the construction and editing of maps. You can change up to 1000 blocks in a given region. For a complete list COMAND,…

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TorchMaster [1.11.2]

TorchMaster - Mods

Mod adds special torches to prevent mobs spawn in a given radius. The idea was taken from Extra Utilites. Mod adds three elemenata Terrain Lighter Mega Torch Lamp and Dread. TorchMaster compatible with such mods like EnderIO, Extra Utilities 2 and Grimoir of Gaia

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BetterFPS v.1.4.3 [1.11.2]

BetterFPS - Mods

This modification allows to some extent to increase your gaming FPS by optimizing the sin() and cos() algorithms, and 7 parameters. All the improvements can be on/ in the config file (config/betterfps.json) or in the game settings (Options -> BetterFps Options)

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KleeSlabs v.4.3.5 [1.11.2]

KleeSlabs - Mods

Thanks KleeSlabs you will be able to break blocks on polublok. That's actually all that adds this mod. This applies to most building blocks. No longer do you have to go once again to the bench and to spend time crafting polublokov

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CompatLayer v.0.2.5 [1.11.2]

CompatLayer - Mods

This small API library allows you to obtain backward compatibility of the mods for different versions of Minecraft, namely 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. With proper use of the API you can provide the mods work on both versions. For this you will need to bring all resource names and IDs for mods to lower case and to replace the tileEntity.worldObj on…

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OpenComputers v. [1.11.2]

OpenComputers - Mods

This mod brings to the game, computers and robotics, is analogous to mod ComputerCraft. The mod is open source and requires basic knowledge in programming in Lua 5.2/5.3. Thanks to the modular system you can combine the blocks. Computers feed on the energy from BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft or Thermal Expansion. OpenComputers makes it easy to build…

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PSI v.1.1 [1.11.2]

PSI - Mods

PSI is a scientific-magical mod that will teach you how to program their own spells. Don't worry, you don't have to program manually and write long lines of code, thanks to a convenient graphical interface, everything is done only with the mouse. This mod requires a library AutoRegLib

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CrackedZombie v.3.6.2 [1.11.2]

CrackedZombie - Mods

CrackedZombie - this mod makes the Minecraft world a little more hardcore. Zombies become faster and stronger, and gain immunity to sunlight. They gather in groups and hunt anyone who gets in their way, including you and friendly mobs.

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Cosmetic Armor v.1a [1.11.2]

Cosmetic Armor - Mods

Cosmetic Armor - mod which allows you to wear two sets of armor. What is the meaning of the two sets of armor? That left a set of armor will protect you, and the right to change its appearance. For example, if the left set you put diamond armor, and the right leather, then everyone will think that you in the leather jacket and no one will suspect…

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Actually Additions [1.11.2]

Actually Additions - Mods

Actually Additions - mod like Extra Utilites adds to the gameplay a lot aytemov, sometimes not at all unrelated, but extremely useful. The mod has its own system of energy generation, for example you'll be able to get energy from lava, either from the sun by installing solar panels, there is even a device that allows to produce energy from the…

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0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 17)

HWYLA v.1.8.10 [1.11.2]

HWYLA - Mods

HWYLA is entirely analogous fashion WAILA, which took TehNut, which is also known as the author of the mod Blood Magic. What to use HWYLA or WAILA? It is up to you. About HWYLA, you can only say that it is more frequently updated. WAILA is more popular and has a few add-ons

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WAILA Harvestability v.1.1.9 [1.11.2]

WAILA Harvestability - Mods

Client-side addon for Waila mod or Hwyla, which displays information on the possibility of extraction of resources from units with the help of a tool, the level of production and efficiency. Tooltips text you can customize yourself in the config mod

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0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 100)
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