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Minecraft Difficult Life

Hello to you Arkus. Today we have a mod Life Difficult or a Hardcore life if you read in Russian and literally. It will complicate the game and make it more interesting. Changes to touch interface glass ,mob zombie and a few characteristics of the character steve . Have the opportunity to wear decorative armor and her invisible version chestplate_diamons . In the right part of the screen to receive an indicator of complexity,when it is full, the game is becoming more complicated creeper_rain . Mobs with the difficulty increases the health,damage,attack range,you receive the armor,and invisibility. Health can be increased through the hearts found in chests chest . In the world there are dangerous mobs,they are invisible if you see this then just run: ! creeper_dance
unfortunately due to the fact that the mod just came out it is not related,so look at the screenshots. man_sad

Download difficultlife-1.3.1710.0.jar [93,66 Kb] downloaded: 76 times
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Category: Mods   MC: 1.7.10   Developer: DarkxElocius
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