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Minecraft Minecraft 1.6.4

Yay! Done! Released version 1.6.4 Minecraft many have thought. But in fact almost nothing to rejoice, because the developers didn't added in this version and only left the short message on the website: "After upgrading from 1.6.4 version of Minecraft, in Minecraft version 1.7, your cards not bad..." and all... On the good news end.

But we as the true gamers true, happy any version of Minecraft, you are going to install it with the thoughts "and suddenly there I still find something new" :)

Below I have prepared the installer, which includes three launcher tLauncher, extremeLauncher and the Official launcher version 1.6.61

Also you can download minecraft.jar, minecraft_server.jar for version 1.6.4 from the official website from the link below

Download minecraft-1.6.4-ru-setup.exe [9,87 Mb] downloaded: 28281 times
Download from official website 1.6.4.jar | 1.6.4.json | server.1.6.4.jar | server.1.6.4.exe
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Category: Releases  
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