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Minecraft Minecraft 1.4.7

Version minecraft 1.4.7 is still a popular poll. And this is the explanation, someone does not like the innovations in the latest release. Someone who likes to play on old maps and old mod, which not long ago published updates, but in any case, version 1.4.7 will remain a classic as version 1.5.2

Download minecraft-1.4.7-ru-setup.exe [10,31 Mb] downloaded: 27685 times
Download minecraft_server.exe [2,14 Mb] downloaded: 2858 times
Download minecraft_server.jar [1,97 Mb] downloaded: 1386 times
Download from official website 1.4.7.jar | 1.4.7.json | server.1.4.7.jar | server.1.4.7.exe
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Category: Releases  
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