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Captive Minecraft IV - a new map from thefarlanders called Winter Realm (winter tsartsvo)

the Developers are offering us rest from the first three challenging maps and fully enjoy simple quests 4 version, which takes place in a winter biome.

Captive IV can be played on versions 1.9 and 1.10. Play the last... You want to see the Northern bears?

the Beginning of the game is typical for all versions of Captain. You start in a confined space 1x1, where to expand the boundaries you need to look in the pockets and cut wood

if the map will seem too easy, you can complicate your life adding ultralow. Ultratube - improved mobs, which won't allow you to survive at every opportunity.

in order to activate ultramov, type the command

/gamerule UltraMobs 1
After the activation team in the world will be Spawner these mobs. The creeper will explode immediately upon receipt of any damage, the zombies get super speed, the skeletons will have much more powerful bows and the spiders other spiders call after the murder.

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notch excalibur COOL thats is so cool
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notch excalibur COOL thats is so cool

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