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Minecraft Meddle Mod Loader

If for any reason you are not using Forge, that is an alternative way of installing mods on the new version of Minecraft 1.9/1.10 with modloader Meddle.

Installation is simple: Download, run, meddle manager and create a new game profile by selecting the version of Minecraft and the version of Meddle. Next, go to the game folder and create a folder in which to meddle and will continue to move our fashion.

Everything above is about client side. If you want to put the meddle to the server-side, then use the file ServerGenerator running it with parameters

java-jar servergenerator-1.0.1.jar <minecraft_version> <meddle_version> <destination_dir>

To install Meddle v1.2.2 for snapshot 15w36c to "server" you must use the command:
java-jar servergenerator-1.0.1.jar 15w36c 1.2.2 server

for More details, see the review by Heron

Download meddlemanager-0.9.1.jar [41,42 Kb] downloaded: 313 times
Download servergenerator-1.0.1.jar [5,3 Kb] downloaded: 47 times
Download meddleapi-1.0.6.jar [40,91 Kb] downloaded: 95 times
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