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Minecraft Minecraft 1.10.2

Version Minecraft 1.10.2 makes almost no changes in gameplay. Has been fixed minor bugs associated with displaying the names of the sounds of the mobs. and mobs hovering a few pixels above the ploughed land.

fixed bug where when loading an old world from version 1.5.2 and all the mobs were dead. Restored the system to the resurrection of the dragons and added the ability to use shortcuts when writing the name of a block.

Server and client version 1.10.2 is compatible with Minecraft and Minecraft 1.10 1.10.1

Download minecraft-1.10.2-ru-setup.exe [13,23 Mb] downloaded: 80066 times
Download from official website 1.10.2.jar | 1.10.2.json | server.1.10.2.jar | server.1.10.2.exe
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Category: Releases  
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