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Minecraft Captive Minecraft III

The third part of Captive Minecraft takes us to a lost and dilapidated underwater world of Atlantis, once a prosperous town. These hallowed halls have long been empty, no people but there are a lot of zombies and Atlantean Guardians with whom you have to fight.

Your main task is to revive the town. For this you have to get to the power generator and refill it with a sufficient number of crystals Prismarine and you can return the former power of the city. As you progress, you'll encounter boss fights, and secret rooms filled with treasures and evil monsters. Use the new checkpoint system to quickly cross this vast world.

All in your hands to restore this ancient civilization. You need to earn achievements, restore monuments, and use all your knowledge in the game to ultimately conquer this terrible underwater world and to save Atlantis.

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