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Minecraft EXODUS I

From around the world were selected a few players to play in a special TV show in which they will work together to survive the zombie Apocalypse. This is the first season that includes 4 episodes. Each episode is harder than the previous.

During your survival you have to be active to calm the audience, because each player will be given rewards or penalties depending on how much they liked the audience. The announcer will periodically inform you of how many people you are looking for. The more you murder, the more you will like to the audience.

You must work together with other players or play solo to complete all four episodes and to win the Grand prize of 1 million emeralds! It's a pretty complicated map, but don't worry, if you die, you will respawn with your stuff.

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Category: Maps   MC: 1.9   Developer: R3D_K1D
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