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Minecraft Capture Kings

Capture Kings is a PVP map where you have to defend the center with his team. The longer you are in the center, the more will get points. To win you need to score 1000 points! In addition, you must down the enemy team in the middle, so they couldn't claim any points for yourself!

Along with the center in the side there are two small points; the Beacons. Standing on them you can capture them, and when they are captured, they will give the whole team a certain buff! Eight different buffs would help you to win the game and become stronger. However, in every match there are only two!

At the bottom of the screen there is a number that is constantly increasing, this number represents the amount of gold that you have. You can use gold to buy items or upgrade your gear! Different items have different purposes: the Ender pearls to teleport, orbs of immortality to the resurrection, wall to quickly block the aisles and much more!

However, your items and gear are not the only that supports you in this journey to defeat your enemies. On this map there is another important element that has a significant impact on the fighting Skills. Each player can choose 3 of the 21 different skills that you can mix and match to fit the team game and your play style, and each of them gives you their own special features.

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