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Minecraft Custom Achievements

Mod Custom Achievements allows players to add their own unique achievements. This mod will be useful to creators MoDaCo and the various assemblies (e.g. Skyblock). You can configure and add custom achievements and trophies, edit the. json file. If you add this to your modpack and run it once, this mod will add an example json file in your configuration folder which you will need to edit.

Basic attributes of the configuration file:

  • tabname is the name of the tab of your achievements in "Achievement"
  • uid - Unique identifier of your achievements, the name doesn't matter, it's internal only, just make sure it's unique
  • name - the name of the achievements
  • desc - the description of the achievements, when you hover on it
  • type - the type of achievement that can be one of these values:
    • "Detect" - triggers when you take the item
    • "Craft" - triggers when you create the object
    • "Interact" - triggers when you right-click the mouse on the block (1.11 only)
    • "Use" - triggers when you right-click the mouse on the element (only 1.11)
    • Place - triggers when placing this block (only 1.11)
    • "Mine" - triggers when a violation of this block (only 1.11)
    • Stat - triggers when achieved statistical significance (1.11 only)
      -requires "stat" - the name of the statistics
      -requires "statValue" - the value of statistics
    • Kill - triggers when you kill a mob (only 1.11)
      -needs a "mob" is the name of the mob

  • item - the internal name of the item you have to create or choose to trigger achievement
  • meta - (optional) the metadata of the previously mentioned
  • ignoreMeta - set to true if metadata should be ignored, false otherwise
  • parent - (optional) the uid of the parent achievement, that must be done to be able to initiate this achievement
  • trophy - set to true if the player should get a trophy when you start the achievement, otherwise false
  • xpos - the horizontal position of the achievements in the Achievement menu
  • ypos is the vertical position of the achievements in the Achievement menu

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