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Minecraft Conquest Reforged Mod

Conquest Reforged Mod - mod which adds to the gameplay spirit of the middle ages. The mod can be installed using the official launcher or by manually downloading from the link below. In addition to this fashion you want to install all Conquest v Reforged.1.4.1.

What adds the mod?

  • More than 800 new blocks!
  • 3D models, such as gargoyles and round barrels that add even more realism.
  • Blocks without physics. New stairs, buttons, and Tripwire hooks that do not require a block behind them.
  • Blocks used to create extended areas, creating smooth sand dunes and hills, with new blocks that simulate snow layers, but do not melt, or to use a wide range of herbs, gravel and Sandstone
  • Connected textures for existing and additional units to give to the world more realistic, immersive look.
  • the Animation!
  • All Conquest Reforged developed specifically for this project Conquest Reforged, but can also be used separately without mods

Fashion and retrospec created especially for Conquest Reforged, but you can also use it separately without mods. The author recommends further Better Foliage, Sildurs Vibrant Shaders and the Conquest of the Sun Shaders

Download conquest_reforged_modv.1.4.1.jar [35,71 Mb] downloaded: 380 times
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