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Minecraft FTB Launcher

Feed The Beast (FTB) Launcher was first launched in November 2012. The first release of the launcher was presented at the stream, which was watched by more than 9000 people. Since then, the launcher has undergone many changes, gave way to the developers.

the Launcher is not abandoned and it is still being updated and supports the latest versions of Minecraft. The point of this laucnher that there are a large number of mods, resurfaces and maps. You can download and install any of them with one click and play.

on the links Below you will be able to download the latest license Feed The Beast or pirate for 32 and 64 bit systems

Download ftb_launcher.exe [7,3 Mb] downloaded: 26604 times
Download [7,63 Mb] downloaded: 40836 times
Download [7,57 Mb] downloaded: 9137 times
Download the latest version of FTB Launcher from official website
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