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High on Sugar v.3.0 [16x16] [1.8.1]

High on Sugar - Resource Packs

High on Sugar - cartoon resurspak, something resembling a mixture of JoliCraft and CandyCraft, but because of the strong prevalence of pink tones in textures like exclusively female audience. The mobs and the plants look very nyashno and cute. Perhaps this is the only resurspak, which just rolls minimisethe

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.8.1   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 3,8/5 (votes: 5)

CS:GO Realistic Texture Pack [64x64] [1.11]

CS:GO Realistic Texture Pack - Resource Packs

Like to play CS:GO but Minecraft do you like more? Then we present you all that you will get a pretty good mix of these two games. First and foremost, changes have been weapons in the inventory, the bow is like a rifle, and the texture of the swords replaced with knives. All other textures were as close as possible in color to CS:GO

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 5/5 (votes: 10)

Cubix [16x16] [1.11.2]

Cubix - Resource Packs

Cubix - all fresh, made in a cartoon style with more vivid colours and simplified drawing. Ressac still in beta stage, but the author promises in blizhaishee time to finish working on it, and add more 3D texture

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11.2   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 2,8/5 (votes: 8)

McKnack Pack [16x16] [1.11.2]

McKnack Pack - Resource Packs

McKnack Pack - All with bright texture with a slight slope in cartoon style. Almost every texture was made with offset shades of bright light, but most likely the color, resulting in the output we get a deeper and more dynamic color transitions. This, combined with brighter illumination from different light sources in the game, creates an…

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11.2   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 3,7/5 (votes: 3)

Warriors PVP Pack v.3 [16x16] [1.11.2]

Warriors PVP Pack - Resource Packs

As the name implies, this all was created for fans of PVP modes. Many players allocate an important role to the choice resurspaka, because even the slightest detail, which will distract your attention, can Rob you of victory. For example, all have a simplified interface elements, low fire, clear water, and lots of custom textures

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11.2   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 4,8/5 (votes: 11)

BitBetter v.3.9.8 [64x64] [1.12]

BitBetter - Resource Packs

BitBetter - all with a resolution of 64x64 textures for the latest versions of Minecraft, which is literally translated as "a little better". But actually the textures look not a little, but much better than default. With higher resolution mobs began to look more realistic, and with the shaders, the world will sparkle with new colors

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.12   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 2,9/5 (votes: 7)

Faithful Mods [32x32] [1.11.2]

Faithful Mods - Resource Packs

Faithful is one of the most popular resursab. A Faithful loved for its simple design that has much in common with the original vanilla textures but looks better quality due to higher resolution. This resurspak added support for the following mods: RedstoneArsenal, BiomesoPlenty, Chisel, Embers, EnderIO, ExtraUtils2, JEI, Faithful Mods, TechReborn,…

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11.2   Resolution: 32x32  
0 Rating: 5/5 (votes: 2)

MeineKraft LitWR Edition v.1.2 [64x64] [1.7.10]

MeineKraft LitWR Edition - Resource Packs

MeineKraft LitWR Edition (also known as Life in the Woods Renaissance) is a realistic high-contrast returpack with a resolution of 64x textures. The textures are photo-realistic and the cartoon style. Currently the author is working on a new version of resurspaka to add support for mods. Recommended shaders: Chocapic13's Shader v5 (Lite) or…

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.7.10   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 5/5 (votes: 3)

SugarCube v.0.5.6 [64x64] [1.11.2]

SugarCube - Resource Packs

SugarCube - minimalistic, cartoon all with the texture resolution 64x64. Earlier this resurspak included textures for several mods, but the author temporarily left them for revision. All goes well with the shaders Sildurs Vibrant Shaders. Also there is support for animated textures of the mobs, for this you will need to install Optifine

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11.2   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 10)

Ozone Resources [128x128] [1.7.10]

Ozone Resources - Resource Packs

Project Ozone - a once popular server-side Assembly, the main feature of which is the generation of the world in the style of skyblock. This resurspak sozdavalsya directly for this project. At the moment there are several modifications of this resurspaka and all of them you can download via the links below

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.7.10   Resolution: 128x128  
0 Rating: 5/5 (votes: 2)

Smooth Operator v.0.7.1 [256x256] [1.11]

Smooth Operator - Resource Packs

Smooth Operator - the all definitely deserves your attention. It is created as close in style to the vanilla textures, but with much better rendering and detail with a resolution of 256x256. All the credit of the author, who by the way is a good artist and in his spare time drawing good arts in Minecraft

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.11   Resolution: 256x256  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 8)
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