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Minecraft Pixelmon Launcher

Official launcher project PixelmonMod . To play, you need a license account Minecraft. Create a new profile, select the version Pixelmode and Forge and install. You can also install additional mods by downloading them in advance with official website

Download pixelmonlauncherbeta-2.0.20.exe [19,72 Mb] downloaded: 18560 times
Download pixelmonlauncherbeta-2.0.26.exe [36,18 Mb] downloaded: 3321 times
Download [33,24 Mb] downloaded: 1012 times
Download [25,97 Mb] downloaded: 1333 times
Download pixelmonlauncherbeta-2.1.7.exe [28,34 Mb] downloaded: 8306 times
Download the latest version of Pixelmon Launcher from official website
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no name
no name 21 March 2018 17:01
good launcher nosed
Lix 4 June 2018 20:06
Help, it says me what I haven't any forge versions but I have it... man_rolleyes
Lukatron360 11 June 2018 23:53
Quote: Lix
Help, it says me what I haven't any forge versions but I have it... man_rolleyes

What is that sentence supposed to say? What does "it says me what I haven't any forge versions" Mean whatsoever...
ktoś 30 September 2018 15:53
emm nie moge zainstalować
Reffaldi 4 November 2018 06:05
Thx!! man_wink but Where Lunala man_sad
bitc h
bitc h 24 January 2019 07:33
this game is doo doo obsidian
ARIEL 17 April 2019 19:35
please give me minecraft!
That is not important.
That is not important. 8 August 2019 22:10
Help! When I click on select pixelmon, I see a mew with 'Pixelmon versions choose a pixelmon Version for your profile'. After that, the mew is away. And Nothing happens anymore.

What do you think about that?

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