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Minecraft LotsOMobs

Welcome to Ermolov. This mod, which adds in your game a lot of life and fun. Along with a host of mobs was added the same set of blocks, items, biomes, weapons, and miscellaneous stuff.

What was added?

  1. More mobs 45
  2. Many new blocks
  3. Ability to travel back in time and see the dinosaurs
  4. Added lots of sounds of animals which make the game even more realistic

Available mods:
  1. lom_core - - fashion
  2. lom_fap - trees and plants
  3. lom_uwl - underwater world
  4. lom_des - desert
  5. lom_jas - jungle

Download lom_core-1.8-2.0.jar [4,02 Mb] downloaded: 134 times
Download lom_fap-1.8-1.3.jar [312,46 Kb] downloaded: 24 times
Download lom_uwl-1.8-1.1.jar [288,29 Kb] downloaded: 100 times
Download lom_des-1.8-1.2.jar [291,03 Kb] downloaded: 24 times
Download lom_jas-1.8-1.1.jar [35,2 Kb] downloaded: 19 times
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