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Minecraft GalactiCraft

Galacticraft is a modification that adds to the game space rockets and colonized many planets. Each planet generates unique resources, depending on the type of planet and fitness for life.

Each planet has a few parameters, which can be seen in the special menu:

  • gravity affects the behavior of the entities in this world. The less gravity, the faster the body moves.
  • Fitness for life — shows the likelihood of mobs on the planet. Spawn mobs can be turned off, even if gravity is average.
  • the Presence of life — determines the presence of mobs on this planet.

Attention! To work this mod you will need to download and install all three files

Download galacticraftcore-1.7- [8,88 Mb] downloaded: 17307 times
Download galacticraft-planets-1.7- [3,01 Mb] downloaded: 8898 times
Download micdoodlecore-1.7- [63,39 Kb] downloaded: 7862 times
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CabeoC 4 September 2018 01:49
Does anybody know any addons for this specific version of the mod? All of the addons I have tried have only worked for other versions of GalactiCraft. I need addons for this specific version for Minecraft 1.7.10.
للاعغغعلؤعبلان 1 January 2023 23:29
pants_gold https://mc-pc.n :M et/mods/229-galacticraft.html#

What do you think about that?

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