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Minecraft Aquatic Disaster (Halloween Update)

What happened? Something went wrong, the ship was destroyed? I don't see my home, where am I? Why I'm in the grave? I died? The last thing I remember is fighting ..... Welcome to the adventure! I wanted to make Minecraft a lot harder, so I decided to create a world with an unusual dungeons, structures, Islands and bring more life into the world. The difficulty level is configured on Hardcore, you can change the difficulty.

How to play? On this map you will need food to survive and a place to sleep. You start on an island surrounded by 3 large Islands and several small islets which are far from the spawn. You will encounter regular mobs , bosses and pirates.

Remember that you will play on the big island and any other island so be careful who you want to kill. I recommend having a good armor before you leave the island, otherwise you can easily die from the hands of pirates or vampires.

the Difficulty is complicated, and trust me, it will be very difficult not to die. I recommend to set the difficulty to Normal.

What's new in update Water disaster (update Halloween)?
This new update adds a ...

- 6 high-level dungeons with loot.
- Killer bunnies, witches, Champions and normal mobs appear in the world.
- Hidden trophies. You can find them in the dungeons and hide in any structure. Every trophy can be used as a decoration or weapon.
- And some Easter eggs...

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