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Minecraft Lucky Block Chaos

In recent times, there are quite a lot of interesting Addons for your mod on lucky blocks Lucky Block Chaos author decided, why not make your own addon. The modification is quite interesting, adding a total of more than 400+ new types of loot. This addon is a fork from Lucky Blocks LOL. What adds lucky blocks chaos? Unique weapons and armor, 4 villager, random events, chests with random loot, a few structures of the head, the FORTS of chaos and much more.

this addon you will need to install the mod on lucky blocks, LOOT+ and Potion Core

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Notch and Hypixel :)
Notch and Hypixel :) 17 February 2018 18:46
helmet_diamond notch chestplate_diamons pants_diamond boots_diamond <(Im cheater pls not ban)
ff 8 June 2018 11:38
man_confused orediamond :orediffond: orediamond orediamond orediamond orediamond
Die Kongomongo
Die Kongomongo 17 February 2021 12:55
lol was muss iich da reinschreiben

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