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Minecraft Rats (1.12.2)

The mod will add rats to Minecraft. They spawn at night, and on trash cans, they can be plagued. Because of their size, they can pass through gates and doors, they can gnaw through blocks (their teeth are designed for this), steal food and destroy crops, in general, they can cause considerable harm. Usually they are afraid of the player. They can be tamed with cheese and they will become indispensable helpers - they will be able to carry things for you, attack other mobs and just be true friends.

Gradually the mod developed significantly, initially it added rats and the ability to use them as pets , but now he adds a lot of features and content related to rats, creating his own game mechanics. Rats will appear in the game world, you can find them everywhere, including in village dumps, rats can be plague (infectious), can infect relatives, you and other mobs.

To fight rats and plague Plague doctors will appear in the villages, you can trade with them, you can get their mask or a cure for the plague of varying effectiveness. The plague doctor will have his own house. You can put a rat on its head by pressing Shift + RMB on it, lower it back or into the cage by pressing the combination again.

In the world you can meet a rat hunter, usually he will be surrounded by a large number of rats who can quickly kill you. Also in the world you can find an animal store, there will be sellers with whom you can trade.

You can tame rats by throwing cheese at them, it will be a faithful pet that can perform a large number of functions, including carrying objects, protecting you, harvest, etc. Your rat can live in a cage, and you can add various items, beds, drinkers, feeders, etc. to the cage.

You can pump and improve your rats, put on armor and just funny hats. And also manage a large number of rats. One of the improvements will allow you to collect small coins that can be combined and get a cheese coin, this coin will open a portal to a new dimension - ratlantis, this is an abandoned world of rats, but this dimension is not available on all versions of the game.

Plague is a great danger, and not only due to a plague rat, but for example due to plague death, this is a new boss, in fact it is a sick plague doctor. Also in the world you can meet a huge plague-rat-creature.

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