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Minecraft Ultimate Unicorn

Ultimate Unicorn mod adds to the game 6 new magical creatures (unicorn, Pegasus, destrie, nightmare, hippocampus and qilin) and many new items, including magic wand, horseshoe, horse hats, and much more. Some of these items can be equipped for different types of horses and give them additional magical abilities (and believe it or not, some they can use themselves).

These magical horses are more than just mobs in Minecraft. They have their own unique behavior and character (just try to tame one of them and you will understand everything), they have additional slots in the inventory, they can fight with or without you, they also know how to multiply. When breeding horses delegate part of their powers to the children! Want a flying horse with a horn a unicorn? Just cross a Pegasus with a unicorn! Want a huge horse with flaming hooves? Cross destrie and nightmare!

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