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Minecraft The Farlanders

This mod adds a large variety of new Undermenu that can trade with you. You can find them in most of the new structures that will now generate in your world. Be careful, some of them not so friendly. Also of the innovations can be noted a separate village, new armor and weapons.

the Village appears to differ from typical villages, but they are similar in design, except that they are built mainly of stone. Nearby you'll find the tower of obsidian. They are made entirely of Obsidian and inside there is a guardian, Ender Golem. If you dig deep enough you will find a chest with two special items.

You can find Mystical Rods in one of these chests. They have special abilities such as teleporting back to your point of appearance, turning invisible for a short time, or the transformation of stone into a random ore.

There are many new mobs to interact, trade and even tamed with apples. Starting from the children of Andermani to the brutal titans.

Titan - the key to creating armor of Titan. Killing it from its skins, you can create new armor that will give you many new abilities.

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