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Minecraft Animania

Animania - mod animal, which replaces and improves the neutral mobs in Minecraft, adding a few rocks, floors, new behavior and several new species. Now you have much more time for the animals that you have tamed.

the animals were happy, they must have access to constant food and water, and in some cases (e.g., pigs) need a place for entertainment (for example, a mud pit). If the attack, then some animals will be afraid for a long period of time and can be more unpredictable around you. Others can attack you (e.g. a bull). If animals don't eat or drink, they become unhappy. They will become weaker and make weird noises.

the Animals will breed or give drop only when they are happy, so you are advised to take good care of their animals and their environment. Animals can be fed different food and bathe with the help of troughs or outdoor ponds.

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