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Faithful [32x32] [1.9]

Faithful - Resource Packs

All the textures from this pack was drawn from scratch by the person under the name Vattic. Texture pack works fine on snapshots version 1.9. For those who do not want to install Faithul Snapshots and Faitful 1.8 separately, created a merged version.

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.9   Resolution: 32x32  
0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 26)

ZekoCraft [16x16] [1.8]

ZekoCraft - Resource Packs

Zekocraft is quite an interesting resource pack with standard resolution of 16 × 16 as in vanilla Minecraft. This package was created by zekeyspaceylizard. New GUI for crafting. The bench and oven look really amazing. The author says it's all his dream, which he created for himself, and then decided to share with everyone .

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.8   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 4)

Affinity HD [256x256] [1.9.2]

Affinity HD - Resource Packs

Affinity-HD - a very realistic resource pack for Minecraft in high resolution 256x. The main feature of this resurspaka are clouds. Therefore, the author knowingly broke the all several parts. You can set all of them, or for example, if you are only interested in the beautiful sky, you will need three files Affinity-HD-Core-x256,…

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.9.2   Resolution: 256x256  
0 Rating: 3,4/5 (votes: 5)

Sphax GrungeBDcraft [128x128] [1.8]

Sphax GrungeBDcraft - Resource Packs

GrungeBDcraft is a very high quality resource pack created based on PureBDcraft. There are three versions in resolutions 128x, 256x and 512x. The last two very demanding, especially if you play with shaders. For the weak computers can use the 128x version

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.8   Resolution: 128x128  
0 Rating: 4,2/5 (votes: 5)

Xray Ultimate [16x16] [1.8]

Xray Ultimate - Resource Packs

This texture pack is nothing like the interpretation cheat mod Xray Mod which allows you to see the whole world through. After installing the textures, you will be able to see resources and easy to produce. At the same time, the land and the stone becomes transparent.

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.8   Resolution: 16x16  
0 Rating: 3,3/5 (votes: 13)

Soartex Invictus Vanilla/Shader v.3.1 [64x64] [1.9]

Soartex Invictus Vanilla/Shader - Resource Packs

Invictus is a resource pack with 64x resolution textures. Replaces the standard textures of Minecraft with a focus on a clean image with minimal detail. This resource pack is a continuation of the Soartex texture pack from Soar49. Invictus refines many of the elements of Soartex and adds thousands of textures, blocky models and custom shaders.

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.9   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 3,7/5 (votes: 3)

Soartex Fanver v.2.9.1 [64x64] [1.9]

Soartex Fanver - Resource Packs

Soartex Fanver is one of the best and most beautiful texture packs for Minecraft 64x64 resolution. It created a community of designers so well-worked out all the details. This package supports random textures, mobs and residents of version 1.9, a beautiful fire animation.

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.9   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 4/5 (votes: 4)

Faithful v.1.4.0 [64x64] [1.7.10]

Faithful - Resource Packs

It peredelka popular texture Faithful 32x. The basis was taken texture pack Faithful 32x32 from Vattic. This resource pack is very quality made and currently supports version up to 1.7.10. But on versions 1.8+ most likely will work too. Check and unsubscribe in the comments

Category: Resource Packs   MC Version: 1.7.10   Resolution: 64x64  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 71)
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