Shaders Mod v.2.5.3 [1.10.2]

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Mod that changes Minecraft to graphics recognition using the hardware capabilities of your graphics card, adding the effect of wetting and reflection of units, terrain textures, the solar and lunar rays, the movement of leaves and grasses, wind, waves and reflections in the water.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.10.2  
0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 46)

ShadersMod v.2.5.2 [1.10]

ShadersMod - Mods

A mod that makes the Minecraft world is very beautiful and realistic. Eats a lot of hardware resources, some Ultra sadaraka can reduce your FPS to 1-5 fps. So to install this mod, you will need a powerful graphics card and CPU. But it's worth it, with the graphics becomes much more interesting to play

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.10  
0 Rating: 4,3/5 (votes: 33)

ShadersMod v.2.5.1 [1.9.4]

ShadersMod - Mods

ShadersMod - mod for shaders that allows you to set custom sadaraka and change the gaming world beyond recognition. Super realistic water and sky, the swaying grass and branches of trees, wind, fog, rain, night lighting and more.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.9.4  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 13)

Shaders Mod v.2.4.12 [1.8]

Shaders Mod - Mods

This mod allows you to install minecraft shaders real! Previously he was known under the name GLSL Shaders. This mod adds support for shaders, but not them. To install them, you need to download additional Shader packs.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 4/5 (votes: 46)

Shaders Mod v.2.3.31 [1.7.10]

Shaders Mod - Mods

Shaders Mod Is In an early version of Minecraft known as GLSL Shaders Mod. Mod allows you to change the graphics of vanilla Minecraft, making it as close to real and adding amazing effects such as wind, fog, transparent water, waves and more

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.7.10  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 88)