Shaders for Minecraft 1.12 / 1.11 / 1.10 / 1.9 / 1.8 / 1.7 / 1.6 / 1.5

Life Nexus Shaders v.8.1 [1.8]

Life Nexus Shaders - Shader Packs

Sadarak from knewtonwako created based on shaders and Chocapic13 Werrus's. In version 8.1 added shaders in the Nether and End worlds, the effect of contaminated lenses, altered clouds, and added their reflections in the water, the new tonemap and more

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 28)

Waving Plants Shaders v.3.5 [1.9.2]

Waving Plants Shaders - Shader Packs

Waving Plants Shaders this Shader pack adds realism to Minecraft. The main feature of sadaraka variable is the excitement of foliage and plants during the day and night, and depending on the weather. During rain or thunderstorms, the excitement is stronger than in clear weather

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.9.2  
0 Rating: 4,8/5 (votes: 6)

Werrus Shaders v.4.6 [1.8]

Werrus Shaders - Shader Packs

Werrus Shaders is a wonderful Sadarak from Indonesian developer for the version of Minecraft 1.8. These shaders were created based on Chocapic13's Shaders V5TEST_FIX1 (Original) and V4 (HFPS) and tested on the AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics card.

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 4,6/5 (votes: 26)

CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders v.52 [1.9.4]

CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders - Shader Packs

The names of sadaraka comes from the author's website Bitslablab. This is a beautiful and heavy modification of the source sadaraka Chocapic13's shaders v5 test 2. Added unique effects such as Edge Detect Occlusion, Depth based Cel Shading, Edge Bump, Dusty Dirty Lens, Water Ripple and other

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.9.4  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 13)

CrankerMan's TME Shaders v.2.5.2 [1.8]

CrankerMan's TME Shaders - Shader Packs

TME Shaders this sadirac for Minecraft 1.8. Literally translated as Too Much Effects (too many effects). The developers of this sadaraka write: "it is not important what is your FPS, for us the main thing - picture quality and maximum effects". So before installing these shaders, buy a normal computer with a good graphics card

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 20)

Super Shaders v.5.0 [1.8.9]

Super Shaders - Shader Packs

Sadarak Super Shader V5.0 is based on Chocapic13 Beta4.7 / 4.8. Available 2 versions of sadaraka Super Shader V5.0 is the main version V5.0_DOF_HQ - this version has better depth of field transition, but comes with a lower frame rate per second.

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8.9  
0 Rating: 4,6/5 (votes: 64)

GLSL Acid Shaders v.R6 [1.8]

GLSL Acid Shaders - Shader Packs

It's not just Sadarak, this is a real psychedelic drug abuse. Drawing and distortion of the world is carried out by means of several trigonometric functions. This will result in a volumetric panoramic view of the whole world. Feeling like you're inside a giant infinite bubble.

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 3,8/5 (votes: 8)

KUDA-Shaders v.6.2.81 [1.9]

KUDA-Shaders - Shader Packs

KUDA-Shaders is sadirac for a Minecraft mod Shaders Mod 1.9. This sadirac will completely change the whole appearance of the world in Minecraft. It adds shadows, a new system of lightning, godrays and other effects. Different versions have their own peculiarities. For example, the version v4 has a blue and cold, while the v5 has a more warm look.

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.9  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 82)

MrMeepz' Shaders v.05 [1.8]

MrMeepz' Shaders - Shader Packs

This sadirac adds a bright summery feel to the world of minecraft. For download available in different versions, from the simplest light version for slower computers, up to ultra plus versions which will drop your FPS to 20-30. This sadirac like most other based on Chocapic13's Shaderpack

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 4,5/5 (votes: 33)

Naelego's Cel Shaders v.1.0.4 [1.8]

Naelego's Cel Shaders - Shader Packs

A very unique Sadarak bold delineation of the contours. It gives the Minecraft world a completely different species, not all of it will appeal to for continuous play, but worth a try. Like most sadibekov, this created for fashion Karyonix's GLSL shaders mod...

Category: Shader Packs   MC Version: 1.8  
0 Rating: 3,4/5 (votes: 58)
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