MineAmp v.1.2.1 [1.12]

MineAmp - Mods

MineAmp - mod for LiteLoader, which allows you to play your tunes (mp3/ogg/wav/m4a/flac) in Minecraft. Press J in game to open the interface and choose the folder with the tracks. For play/pause, press P. All control keys can be remapped in the config

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.12  
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Fast Async WorldEdit v.17.10

Fast Async WorldEdit - Soft

This is a Converter between the Anvil and LevelDB which are the formats in the world, which are used in Java and Pocket Edition, respectively. Converted Nukkit and FAWE API. currently supported: - Remapping blocks and rotation - Copies the most blocks NBT - Copy level.dat

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