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Minecraft Chisels & Bits

Chisels & Bits - adds a set of special tools (a wrench, a chisel, a saw) with the help of which you can customize the blocks, giving them almost any shape. This fashion is truly a huge opportunity. With it you can create your own unique units, furniture, columns, totems, statues and even cut murals and patterns on the walls. The developer advises you to use this mod together with Flat Colored Blocks.

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Mojtaba 2 June 2018 15:54
sworddiamond sworddiamond sworddiamond :notch_troll
wallcreeper3 29 September 2018 02:10
snif2 [b][/b]IT SAID IT WAS 1.7.10 BUT ITS ACTUALLY NOT man_sad fire
Mc_masta 6 April 2019 08:08
brownmushroom sponge boobs creeper_dance nosed sigh I do how 2 download

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