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Minecraft Nature Reborn

Standard Minecraft seems too static? Install this mod and you will know that there is something worse than a plague of zombies. Who do not know what is this mod, then present to you the Nature Reborn mod that adds natural disasters into Minecraft.

This mod adds a huge tornado that demolished and sucked into the vortex everything in its path. The volcanoes and geysers which emit lava and water over great distances and destroy everything around it. And what about Armageddon and the fall of this meteorite and earthquakes?

This mod is very scary. Now you will not be able to live as before, because you may one day loose everything... housing, food, farm, and even to die themselves. Install this mod and brave the elements!

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Guest Ethan
Guest Ethan 27 January 2019 23:01
Does it use the old weather mod that had the tornado gun?

What do you think about that?

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