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Minecraft MultiMc 5

MultiMC is a launcher with an open source code to start Minecraft developers @peterixxx and @ 02JanDal. MultiMC Launcher allows you to have multiple self-installed versions of Minecraft (each with their own mods, textures, etc.) that simplifies a lot of life. It is very convenient for those who play on different assemblies with many mods and changes.

Download [13,18 Mb] downloaded: 1223 times
Download multimc-cracked-by-hackphoenix.7z [9,34 Mb] downloaded: 1916 times
Download mmc-stable-osx64.tar.gz [11,78 Mb] downloaded: 158 times
Download mmc-stable-lin32.tar.gz [19,55 Mb] downloaded: 61 times
Download mmc-stable-lin64.tar.gz [19,19 Mb] downloaded: 194 times
Download multimc_1.1-2.deb [7,08 Kb] downloaded: 133 times
Download the latest version of MultiMc 5 from official website
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