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Minecraft Aether II

Aether II is a mod on Paradise, which is so lacking in the original minecraft. To get to heaven, it is enough 14 blocks glowstone and a little water, build on the same analogy as the portal to hell.

After activating the portal will take you to the wonderful world of flying pigs and cows on gold wings with beskonechnye clouds and with a huge number of new mobs and features.

You can directly download the mod and install or run a special Launcher launcher-start.jar

New ores, items and weapons

In the research process, Aither 2 you netkas on a number of new ores, such as Ambrosium and Gravitic. Play and discover all the new ores to craft amazing things. In this fashion, there are also several new sets of armor and each with their own pros and cons. For example a full set of Neptune armor, will allow you to walk the ocean floor and not to damage, and a full set of Valkyrie armor will allow you to fly!


The Aether II is built on the Forge API so you can run your own server with this mod using the Minecraft Wiki documentation. Or can play already on the official server from the developers

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