Aether II v.1.6 [1.7.10]

Aether II - Mods

Aether II is a mod on Paradise, which is so lacking in the original minecraft. To get to heaven, it is enough 14 blocks glowstone and some water. After activating the portal will take you to the wonderful world of flying pigs and cows on gold wings with beskonechnye clouds and with a huge number of new mobs and features.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.7.10  
0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 14)

Xaero's Minimap [1.8.7]

Xaero's Minimap - Mods

The minimap mod from Xaero's was previously part of the mod Better PVP, but after treatment most of the users have singled out into a separate mod minimap. Unlike other mods on the minimap, this mod fits very well into the original vanilla minecraft like it's not mod at all, but part of the engine.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.8.7  
0 Rating: 4,4/5 (votes: 11)

Rei's Minimap v.3.6 [1.7.10]

Rei's Minimap - Mods

Rei's Minimap — this mod adds a minimap convenient location for a quick orientation. With this card you will be able to enter coordinates, search for mobs and players, to put waypoint and despoina, rotate the map and identify cardinal directions.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.7.10  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 12)