Balkon's Weapons v.1.14.3 [1.7.10]

Balkon's Weapons - Mods

Yes, of course, mods on a weapon in Minecraft, a great many, but on the Balkan mod weapons the best and many will understand me. All weapons in Balkan's Weapons made in the spirit of the original Minecraft. Of the most interesting are the new battle axes, spears, halberds, hammers.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.7.10  
0 Rating: 4,6/5 (votes: 16)

Better Than Wolves v.4.A1 [1.5.2]

Better Than Wolves - Mods

Unfortunately this mod has not been updated by the author, but we decided to add it because it is very interesting. Name fashion Better Than Wolves if translated literally it sounds like Better than wolves. Perhaps the mod is called so because it came out before adding it to the official Minecraft wolves.

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.5.2  
0 Rating: 4,1/5 (votes: 36)

Biomes O' Plenty v.4.0.2 [1.9]

Biomes O' Plenty - Mods

In standard Minecraft a total of 12 types of biomes. Not to say that it is very small. But still would like more and much more diverse. This will help us mod biomes Biomes O' Plenty, which adds more than 60 different types of biomes. In this fashion, there is all types of terrain, ranging from mountain ranges of the Alps with lava flows, a bamboo…

Category: Mods   MC Version: 1.9  
0 Rating: 2,7/5 (votes: 9)