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Minecraft Lucky Block Race

This map is for 1-6 players from the author under the name EMB_Crafty.
Gather your friends and get ready for a bright, colorful, fun races on a colorful map, where you race against each other, breaking Lucky blocks (100 pieces!) and problems encountered along the way! After you read the instructions set spawn, select the bar by clicking on the button with the color of your choice. You will teleport to your lane.

When everything is ready, one player may press a button that will start the countdown. To start ... Set ... Go! Open all Lucky blocks and fight with the difficulties in your way and not halturte. The first who crosses the finish line and then click 'Finish' wins the race! When all will cross the finish line and there is an additional PvP arena where you can arrange a match with friends and see who has collected the best stuff

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Guest Ahmet
Guest Ahmet 7 January 2021 17:58
where we install
Guest max
Guest max 27 November 2021 10:45
Quote: Guest Ahmet
where we install

dont know
Nishan grg
Nishan grg 29 May 2022 10:36
Lucky block
Vicente Alberto oyarzun navea
Vicente Alberto oyarzun navea 4 December 2022 06:50
were are lucky block

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