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Minecraft RaftBlock

Raftblock is a RAFT style survival map created by Crepteam. You can build your own raft, sail the ocean, farm, explore the ocean, catch items and fish, and more! You start on a small 3x3 block platform with a fishing rod to catch items from the ocean. Fished barrels give random loot.

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Category: Maps   MC: 1.16.5   Developer: CrepikCZ
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GoStorm Plays
GoStorm Plays 4 April 2022 02:13
Hi! Just want to say that what you've got here is really amazing! Also, thanks so much for putting my video as the video showcasing this world (I am the maker of RaftBlock: Stranded), I really appreciate it! Thanks so much for putting my video on the mod page and actually creating this amazing mod!

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