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Minecraft Lucky Block Bedwars

Lucky Block Bedwars - the same bedwars mode with lucky blocks from hypixel.

To change all the blocks used in the generators, change the command IDs in the blocks under the main spawn zone.
You can use this map , however please note that I didn't create this map, nor did I create any mods on this map.
The author only created the commands and the main spawn area, the rest was done by hypixel. This map has been UPDATED for version 1.12.2, however it will work until version 1.16.5. If you find any errors, write to

Before installing the map, install all mods and the Lucky Block addon. Extract the archive and move the mods and addons folders to the game folder .minecraft
List of mods and addons in the archive:
-Mod Lucky Block Mod
-Mod Additions Mod (Loot++ for 1.12.2)< br />-Loot Overhaul Mod (required for Additions)
-Emerald Armor Mod
-Night Lucky Block Addon

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Category: Maps   MC: 1.12.2   Developer: ThePikaChuP
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good download very thanks
good download very thanks 20 August 2022 17:54
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