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Minecraft FastCraft

FastCraft is a complex mod, which improves the performance of client and server significantly without any change of the game. FastCraft same useful modification as optifin.

Fashion requires a one-time installation on the client and the server, which means that it can be installed on both the client and the server separately. Even a mismatch of versions between the server and the client will not cause any trouble.

FastCraft does not require configuration. To install FastCraft just drop it into the folder mods.

- increase FPS
- improve TPS / simulation by speeding up the code and better algorithms.
- Eliminate lag from world generation, light and load calculation
- Save RAM about 200 MB for a decent amount of mods
- Faster loading (client / server) and faster rendering (client)
- Reduction in Low network throughput in some scenarios.
- Mod is incompatible with Cauldron and CoFHTweaks+Forks

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