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Minecraft Xaero's Minimap

Xaero's Minimap - the minimap, which is aesthetically as close as possible to the style of vanilla Minecraft. Thanks to good optimization of code fashion, this minimap is virtually no burden on the system. There are 2 versions of the minimap complete and "fair" or so-called Fair-play version, which is used on servers and in contrast to the full it does not display objects and caves

Download xaeros_minimap_1.13.2_forge_1.12.jar [316,1 Kb] downloaded: 6752 times
Download xaeros_minimap_fp1.13.2_forge_1.12-fair-play-edition-for-pvp.jar [316,12 Kb] downloaded: 939 times
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Xaero's Minimap MC: 1.8.7

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panda... 10 January 2019 00:26
lo tengo que extraer? snif2 creeper_dance orediamond pickaxediamond excalibur pig
anonymous :D
anonymous :D 18 January 2019 16:53
Is this mod ACTUALLY for 1.13.2 because there is no forge for 1.13.2 yet
so is this really for 1.12 or am i missing something here

What do you think about that?