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Minecraft Simple RPG

Simple RPG adds RPG mechanics in Minecraft. Killing mobs gives you experience, which is different from the experience of vanilla used for enchantment. Having enough experience, you will increase levels of health, armor and strength.

Experience gained from killing a mob is calculated by the following algorithm:

-the Value is added based on max health (default is 0.05 for a half heart) and damage from attacks (by default, 1/7 half of the heart)
-the Above value is then multiplied by a value based on the armor (the default value of 0.1 for the armor)
-Then the value is multiplied by a value based on complexity (default: 0.25 the peace, easy-0.75, normal is 1.0, hard 1.25)
-If the world is a hardcore world, the value is multiplied by a different value (default 1.25)
-the Player has a basic default state 20 and gets 2 health on each level plus a multiplier of 0.0075 per level.

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