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Minecraft AppleSkin

A standalone modification for Forge or Fabric that provides advanced HUD features previously included with AppleCore (note: AppleSkin does not require AppleCore). This mod can be used on both the client side and the server side to display accurate satiety/hunger values ​​in gameplay. AppleSkin provides information about some mechanics that are hidden by default (does not add or change any mechanics). To learn more about the exhaust and saturation mechanics in Minecraft, see the Minecraft wiki article about голоде .

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Основные функции мода:

  • Adds food value information as tooltips:
  • Adds saturation animation and exhaustion in the HUD interface:
  • Adds an animation of potential hunger/satiation restored when holding food:
  • Adds a visualization of the potential health recovery when holding food:
  • Adds information about g hunger/saturation/depletion in debug overlay (F3)
  • Synchronizes saturation and hunger values ​​with the client.

You can download the plugin for the server part from the link:

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