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Minecraft SLauncher

SLauncher is a new alternative launcher from Spark1337 & Turikhay support premium-login. The launcher works with both licensed and pirate. Simple and intuitive interface. Embedded versions of Forge and OptiFine. Extra modifications directly from the menu launcher

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Guest Майнсруфтер
Guest Майнсруфтер 21 June 2018 13:55
а вы вкурсе что он 1 с вирусом 2 белый экран
MineSteve 8 July 2019 17:51
what up my ni**ger
moi 7 July 2020 19:25
dsfsfsdfds chestplate_diamons chestplate_diamons chestplate_diamons hoegold axediamond axediamond sourire-2 sourire-2
Guest pro
Guest pro 23 October 2021 20:04
Quote: Guest Майнсруфтер
а вы вкурсе что он 1 с вирусом 2 белый экран


What do you think about that?