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Minecraft Space Expedition to EPIC 204

This is the beginning of space colonization. With a growing population and dwindling resources, humanity begins to explore the nearest stars in search of a suitable home. The search led them far into space... You were chosen for this mission and your path lies to the EPIC system 204 is almost 400 light-years from Earth. To your surprise, you find that the system is inhabited! There is already a thriving ecosystem with new plants, strange creatures and biomes!

But EPIC 204 is fraught with many secrets. Instead of a planet, the system is a dense cloud of asteroids , divided atmosphere, orbiting a red dwarf. Because of this, system has weird weather conditions and the rapidly changing times of the year, a year lasts only 25 days! In addition, it is filled with many hostile creatures that seem to not really even look forward to your arrival!

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