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Minecraft Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion is one of the most popular technical mods for Minecraft. This mod adds a variety of energy sources and consumers, the new device, its system of ores and chests and much more. For fashion work is required - CoFH Core and Thermal Foundation mod v.1.2.4

Thermal Expansion 4 is a mod focused on changing the physical state of different substances, or rather of translating them from one state to another (e.g. boulders into the lava, water to ice).

the Main difference from Thermal Expansion 3 is the separation of functionality for a few new mods. Mechanisms and generators now improve to higher levels, and various modifications allow to extend their functionality and improve efficiency. In addition there are new ways to store things: Bags for mobile storage and Caches for storage of materials by analogy with the barrels.

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